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How it works

Facial masks are a popular skincare solution used to relieve conditions ranging from dryness to oiliness and wrinkles to blemishes; however, most masks only address one of these issues. Simply running a finger over the face reveals that the skin varies in thickness and texture, so why use a one-size-fits-all approach to solve a multi-faceted problem?

That’s where the Derma9 Zone Mask System comes into play — three powerful masks that have been specially formulated to accommodate these variations, ensuring that the unique zones of your face get the specialized care they need.

How it works
eye-zone EYE ZONE

The Eye Zone, which consistst of the thinnest skin,
is located directly under the eyes and easily shows signs
of fatigue and aging.

The Hydrating Eye Zone Mask uses Alpha Acetyl
Tetrapeptide-5 to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by
promoting skin elasticity. While Vitamin K targets dark
circles and age spots, olive leaf extract hydrates the skin
and locks in moisture.

t-zone T-ZONE

The T-Zone, notorious for the density of its oil glands, is a common
problem area consisting of the forehead, nose, and chin.

The Mattifying T-Zone Mask is made from bamboo charcoal,
a lipophilic compound that cleanses clogged pores.
While bentonite and kaolin clays aid in the absorption of oil
and wash away impurities, sodium PCA balances skin
by drawing in moisture without adding oil.

s-zone S-ZONE

The S-Zone, consisting of the temples and
cheeks, readily loses its moisture and glow.

The Reviving S-Zone Mask uses Algacell, a colloidal
suspension of marine phytoplankton and trace minerals that
revitalizes skin and gives it a youthful, radiant glow.
While acai nourish’s the skin with antioxidants,
added peptides and turmeric reduce the appearance
of inflammation and skin blemishes.

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