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Two Remarkable Peptides For Your Skin!

June 15, 2016 | 0 comments

You may be more interested in what peptides can do for your skin than what they are, so we’ll keep the science talk really short. OK, here goes.

What is a peptide? Scientifically speaking, it’s a compound consisting of at least two amino acids. Since proteins are also made up of amino acids, you could think of peptides as “semi-proteins.” That’s a good way to put it without getting into all the scientific jargon.

Two very good peptides have been linked to healthy skin complexion—namely, alpha acetyl tetrapeptide-5 and alpha oligopeptide-6. Here’s what they can do for you and your skin.

Alpha acetyl tetrapeptide-5

Alpha acetyl tetrapeptide-5 has long been used as a humectant to help your skin hold onto precious moisture. It does so by increasing hyaluronic acid, collagen and fibronectin synthesis, which are all key components of your skin matrix and dermal-epidermal junction (aka, the stuff that holds your skin together).

This compound improves skin elasticity by transporting water from the inner layer of your skin to the outermost layer.

Alpha acetyl tetrapeptide-5 also reduces the depth of wrinkles around your eyes and helps reduce bags under your eyes through a process known as micro-circulation, which makes your skin less permeable to excess fluid buildup. Which is why it’s one of our key Eye Zone mask ingredients.

Alpha oligopeptide-6

Derma9 uses alpha oligopeptide-6 as a key ingredient for our T-Zone mask, and for good reason.

This peptide is a go-to for reducing skin inflammation, which it does synergistically with our other key naturals compounds and botanicals, such as bentonite and kaolin clay, bamboo charcoal, rosemary extract, and primrose extract. That means less redness, irritation and itchiness.

Its high antioxidant properties make it a must-have for helping your delicate dermis fight off the free radicals that are trying rob cells of their oxygen molecules, which leads to premature aging.

And it increases your skin’s hydration level, so you get that plumper, more moisturized look that you want to see.

The end result? A more youthful, revitalized glow.

So when it comes to peptides, while you may not be able to pronounce their names or ace them on a biology test, that’s okay. What really matters is that these peptides produce results that you can feel and see in your own complexion, day in, day out.




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