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The Skincare Resolution Revolution

January 10, 2018 | 0 comments

It’s time to start turning the focus onto you and your beautiful skin.

It’s time to get radical by adopting excellent skincare habits going forward. Not only will you look your best, you’ll be more confident than you’ve been before. You’ll achieve more because of the boost of self-confidence clean, clear skin brings.

Revolutionize your skincare routine by doing the following five things each and every day!

Resolution #1: I will make cleansing and moisturizing something I do naturally.

There are many things your skin comes into contact with throughout the day. This is especially the case with your face. Make cleansing and moisturizing something you do every day before you go to bed so you can start with a fresh “canvas” for your makeup each day.

Resolution #2: I will bask in the beautifying properties of H2O, my go-to drink of choice.

Water is among the world’s most precious resources. When you drink it, it hydrates your body and energizes you. It cleanses impurities out of your body so you look and feel your best. When you make water your go-to drink, you’re taking a step in the right direction of cleaner, clearer skin.

Resolution #3: I will wear sunscreen even if I’m not outdoors long or its winter.

Harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun damage skin. This even happens in the winter when the days are shorter. Make sure that you use products with sunscreen built into them so that you’re protected wherever you go.

Resolution #4: I will not apply harsh chemicals to my skin.

All natural products provide essential vitamins and nutrients for your skin. Make sure to skip the harsh chemicals and opt for products like Derma9’s instead. They’re chock full of good things such as bamboo charcoal, Vitamin K, and olive leaf extract.

Resolution #5: I will make it a point to treat problematic skin proactively so it doesn’t worsen.

Identify the root cause of your skin problem and treat it right away. Doing so prevents it from worsening. Change out your pillowcases regularly, avoid touching or squeezing at blemishes on your face, and use a good cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer for the best skin yet.

Applying five new, healthy habits to your daily skincare routine ensures that your skin looks and feels its best year-round. Give it the attention it deserves starting right away and notice the difference it makes in your appearance

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