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The skin sustaining properties of olive leaf extract

May 30, 2017 | 0 comments

Many of us have enjoyed a meal with tasty Mediterranean olives or healthful olive oil drizzled in salads and used in other dishes. Olive leaf, while not as well-known, comes from the same tree as its delicious healthful olives and oil.

As the olive tree’s “best-kept secret”, olive leaf has been used for centuries to treat various conditions and maintain good health with olive leaf tea, which researchers have found contains the primary ingredient, called secoiridoid oleuropein, responsible for the extract’s healing properties.

More recent studies have shown that this compound, working with others, may help inhibit infections from fungi and bacteria, as well as with fighting viruses. Most of the older studies have focused on taking the leaf internally; however, newer research shows that the same qualities found in consuming olive leaf extract internally for fighting viruses and infections can also support healthier skin.

A study from 2010 in “Phytotherapy Research” found that olive leaf extract reduced skin-thickening as well as inhibited breakdown of skin tissue from ultraviolet radiation.

According to animal research found in a 2011 issue of  “Journal of Medicinal Foods,” olive leaf extract helps wounds heal faster: use of the extract showed an amazing 87 percent increase in closure of wounds and 35 percent improvement in the tissue strength compared to that offered by a commercial ointment. The oleuropein compound in the extract’s water enhanced its healing qualities.  

It’s not surprising that the healing properties of olive leaf extract’s oleuropein compounds are an essential part of Derma9’s Zone Mask System, to heal and restore damaged and aging skin.  Make it a regular part of your skin care routine!

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