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The Absolute Worst Ways to Cleanse and Exfoliate Your Skin

October 03, 2018 | 0 comments

Avoid exacerbating a problem to the point it requires professional help.

When it comes to your skin, no ordinary routine will do. You need to be deliberate in how you cleanse and exfoliate going forward. That way, you can avoid creating skin problems that are hard to address. You won’t waste time and excessive amounts of money treating problems that you cause to worsen with your everyday practices.

Take it from us when we say that the following ways to cleanse and exfoliate your skin are damaging:

    • Using the wrong product or the right product in the wrong way. Many commercial cleansers and exfoliators are packed full of ingredients that are hard to pronounce and even harder on your skin. Avoiding them altogether and opting to use a line of skincare products that contain natural ingredients is ideal. You get what rosemary is, after all. The wrong skincare product is just as harmful to your skin as the right product used the wrong way. Make sure to read instructions and test all new products out on a small patch of skin to determine that you’re not allergic to any of their ingredients.
  • Overusing a product. Cleaning your skin too frequently can cause major problems. Do your part to use products as directed for best results. If a cleanser states that it should only be used once a day, do yourself a favor and decide whether morning or evening is the better time for you to utilize the product. The same goes for cleansers and masks that exfoliate. If the packaging says to use it once a week, don’t use it daily or you may damage your delicate skin.
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