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Stem Cells from Grapes? Really?

March 10, 2017 | 0 comments

Here at Derma9 we love nothing more than when nature meets cutting edge science.  We also love that our customers are savvy, sophisticated, and demand to be informed about the products they put on their skin.  So, we’re excited to share a few highlights of the science, plant stem cell science, that is, behind one of our new favorite ingredients:  stem cells from grapes.  Who knew?     

You may have heard about stems cells in the news over the past few years, but what you may not know is that both plants and animals produce stem cells.  They occur in all living organisms and, over the last decade, scientists have actually developed a process by which to harvest stem cells from grape seeds.   

Why the grape, you ask?  Well, first we should say the more elegant name for our humble grape is the Vitis Vinifera.   And it is the seeds of the Vitis Vinifera which have the special honor of being one of the most rigorously researched of all the botanicals.  The health benefits of grape seeds and grape seed oil have been known for centuries, with the ancient Greeks being among the first to sing their praises.  Now, modern science has finally been able to pinpoint and extract one of the key components of grape seeds, their stem cells, and harness their remarkable potential.   

One of the most amazing things about stem cells is their ability to renew themselves and even transform into other types of cells that their host organism may need.   In her article titled “Stem Cell Technology and the Skin,” dermatologist and skin care expert, Dr. Jennifer Linder, states that “the ability to replace, instead of simply repairing, damaged skin cells is becoming more of a possibility with the advancements in plant stem cell technology.”   It is this unique regenerative property that make stems cells so exciting and it’s one of the many reasons we have incorporated them into our Calm Youth Moisturizer formula.    

Another benefit of this 100% natural ingredient is that grape seed derived stem cells  have substantial antioxidant activity, which has been shown to protect skin cells from UV-induced damage.  When applied to the skin, these stem cells actually absorb the harmful UV radiation before it has a chance to damage your skin.  They can also reduce and prevent inflammation, and even reverse the effects of aging due to exposure to sunlight. 

So, what does this all mean for you?  It means that, with our Calm Youth Moisturizer, you get cutting edge science and 100% natural ingredients working together to protect and rejuvenate your skin in a way that simply wasn’t possible just a few years ago.  And we think that’s pretty awesome.


Jennifer Linder, MD, “Stem Cell Technology and the Skin,”, The Dermatologist, March 2011

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