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Six Beauty Mistakes That You Might Be Making

September 16, 2016 | 0 comments

Not everyone can be a makeup artist. Sometimes, people go overboard when applying makeup and they don't have a trusted friend to tell them the truth. Fear no more, here are six common makeup mistakes that you can easily avoid:


1. Too heavy eyebrows

Thank you, Cara Delevingne, for making bold brows cool again. Unfortunately, for those with sparse brows, this can be an issue. EMBRASE your natural brow. If you’re not working with a lot just fill them in slightly. Do not try to create brows with gels and pencils. It looks absurd when your brows are clearly drawn outside your natural brow line and can be very distracting from the rest of your features.


2. Intense contour

The natural look is back and that means to chill out on the contour. Stop trying to sculpt your face into something that it isn’t! You're beautiful just the way you are. Light makeup gives a more youthful appearance and allows your skin to breathe. Less is DEFINITELY more.


3. Unlined lipstick

Lipstick can be tricky. It’s messy and you always have to touch it up and make sure it isn’t all over your face. The best way to have an envious pout is to line your lips before applying lipstick. It creates a cleaner look and makes the process a lot easier. The bolder the color, the more necessary it is to line because nothing is worse that rocking a purple lip, but having uneven, wonky edges. Line it up, girl.


4. Smudgy mascara

This is one of the most common mistakes. You’re in a rush and you forget that your mascara is still drying, and before you know it, it is smudged all over your eyelids. Ugh. The feels. Keeping a few Q-tips in your bag is always a smart idea for a quick fix. Get the Q-tip a little wet and then gently rub the mascara smudges away or swipe into a line to prevent a sloppy appearance.


5. Having the wrong foundation color

Using the wrong foundation color is a rookie mistake. Almost every makeup counter has a beauty expert that is trained to help you find your perfect shade. They are more than willing to help, and even if you only use drugstore brands, it is still a good idea to find your shade with the help of a professional. Pro-tip: Take a picture of the high-end color that they chose for you and then match that at the drugstore. Sneaky, sneaky.


6. Trying to pull off colors that just aren’t right for you

Sometimes, that super trendy color of the season just isn’t right for you. Everyone has different skin tones and features that make it hard to pull off every trend. Figure out what looks good on you and stick to it, you’ll look much better than trying to pull of something that doesn’t work. Being your best self is cooler than jumping on the bandwagon with everyone else.

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