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How to Transition to a Summer Skincare Routine

April 27, 2018 | 0 comments

Each season produces its fair share of challenges for your skin.

Your skin says a lot about you. It’s indicative of your age, lifestyle, and habits. When you take time out of your day to properly care for your skin, you reduce signs of advanced aging. Your makeup goes on smoother, and your complexion is something that people can’t help but notice and admire.

Here is how to make the transition from a spring skincare routine to a summer skincare routine relatively easily.

Aim for all-natural ingredients that soothe dry skin.

Harsh chemicals are very drying. Avoid using products that contain ingredients that are difficult to pronounce. Instead, focus on plant-derived ingredients and products that are clearly labeled all-natural to avoid damaging your skin. Derma9 sources the best natural ingredients to make our line of skincare products. You’ll find things such as aloe, rosemary, sage, and citric acid in our Day/Night Cleanser.

Be liberal with skincare protection.

Make sure that you apply sunscreen whenever you spend time outdoors. Even if you’re only going outside to walk the dog, make sure to slather it on. You’ll also want to avoid spending long periods of time outdoors during the hottest hour of the day, which is 3 PM.

Make exfoliating a priority.

Take time to remove dry skin from your face and body. Gently exfoliate your body using an exfoliating cleanser or a dry brush. It helps stimulate your lymphatic system which dumps the waste from your body.

Different weather conditions call for a change in your skincare routine. How you take care of yourself during the hottest months of summer differs from the way you care for your skin in the winter. Make the switch from one season to the next with greater ease by following the tips listed above. Your skin will thank you for it by looking and feeling its best year-round.

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