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Five Skin Care Habits You Need to Get into Today

November 06, 2017 | 0 comments

Want the benefits of an added boost of vitamins and minerals, natural moisturizing ingredients, and clarifying H2O for your skin? If the answer is “Yes,” you’re going to love what you read next. A few simple tweaks in your current beauty routine can take your skin from being dry or irritated to smooth and flawless in a matter of no time.

Here are five skin care habits you need to get into today:

  • Cleanse your skin from within. Drink enough skin-cleansing H2O each day. Make it your beverage of choice by keeping a bottle nearby for sipping on. You can also choose fruits and vegetables that have a high percentage of water in them to eat. Think lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes, watermelon, and spinach.
  • Don’t sleep in your makeup. Even if it is the last thing you do each day, make sure you’re going to bed with a clean face. Remove all signs of makeup so that your skin can breathe while you rest.
  • Change your pillowcase often. A clean pillowcase is an essential part of your skincare routine. After all, you don’t want to smash your face into a dirty pillowcase each night, right? Change it often to keep your skin clean and clear.
  • Exfoliate a couple times a week. This allows you to slough off dry skin and leaves you feeling refreshed. Use a good exfoliating cleanser once or twice a week. Make sure not to scrub too hard as it can be very abrasive.
  • Use a good moisturizer meant for your skin type. You’ll want to make sure to restore the moisture that has been stripped from your skin from the weather. Find a formula that is right for your skin type and moisturize daily for best results.

Your skin will look and feel its best when you give it some extra time and care. Adopt the habits listed above and you’ll undoubtedly have skin that glows. It will be among the best decisions you have made all year, too. A great skin care routine is easy to execute, doesn’t take up much time, and gives you noticeable results.

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