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Top 5 Tips to Staying Beautiful on Your Flight

June 28, 2016 | 2 comments

While flying gets you to your destination, it can wreck a lot of havoc on your skin and hair. Dry, frizzed-out hair and swollen joints are just some of the problems associated with the change in altitude. But, our tips from our beauty experts can keep you looking cool and fresh, even on the longest flight. 

  • Drink water! Flying is drying, so forego the cocktails and stick to H2O — and lots of it.
  • Get on up. To avoid bloating, get your blood flowing by walking up and down the aisle. Make sure to stretch, too. And do a few facial exercises for good measure.
  • Try a skin spritz. Keep your face moisturized by spritzing on some spray moisturizer. Good ones are hydrating and last for hours. Perfect for those international flights.
  • Cool it! If a spritz isn’t your style, use a skin serum instead. Dab it on dry areas, especially your cheeks and around your nose.
  • Pamper your peepers. Eyes get especially dry when you’re flying and all that airtime can make them puffy. So bring along a hard-working eye cream to soothe this delicate area and reduce puffiness.

Happy travels!

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  • Diane

    at 09:40:20 AM

    I HATE flying because of how dry the air is in the plane. Will definitely try these tips next time. Especially, bringing along an eye cream. So smart!

  • Sara B.

    at 09:17:40 AM

    Forego the cocktails…lol so true!

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