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5 Things That are Making Your Skin Break Out Right Now

February 06, 2019 | 0 comments

Now that you know what they are, do what you can to stop it from happening again.

If you’ve ever experienced a breakout right before a job interview or first date, you know how painfully awkward blemishes can be socially. There is often little time to treat them or minimize their appearance enough to make them not noticeable. What if there was a better way to prevent skin eruptions and inflammation going forward? Would you do what it takes to keep stress and other triggers from ruining your beautiful complexion?

Part of maintaining a good skincare regimen is knowing what causes your breakouts and finding ways to prevent issues from disrupting the delicate pH balance of your body. Keeping a log in a notebook or on your phone is a great way to discover what’s prompting pimples to produce and blemishes to form in and on your skin.

Here are five things that are making your skin break out right now:

  1. Stress. From running late to worrying about meeting the deadlines that your employer set for you, the feelings of anxiousness you’re currently experiencing are manifesting into major problems on your face and body. Find better ways to cope with stress such as deep breathing, which can be done anywhere, instantaneously, and without any equipment.
  2. Fatty, fried, greasy, and sugary foods. To feel fresh, you must eat fresh. Commit to buying nothing but foods that come from nature not a manufacturing plant and in a box, bag or jar with hard-to-pronounce ingredients.
  3. Hormones. It’s not unusual to witness a surge of hormones before your menstrual cycle or while you’re pregnant. The changes in your body often manifest as skin issues.
  4. The wrong skincare products. Some brands are subpar and packed with chemicals that do more harm than good. Finding natural products like Derma9’s that are safe to use year-round and provide your skin with nourishing ingredients that it needs is ideal.
  5. Environmental pollutants and toxins. From the types of products that you use to clean your home to the substances you come into contact with while on your morning walk, you’ve likely ran into a few things partially responsible for your current skin issue. Research ways to purify the air you breathe, rid yourself of harmful substances while tidying up your home, and swap out your personal care products for ones that help your skin not hurt it.

Lovingly protect your skin from the things that cause harm to it. Choose antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables to eat, stay hydrated, find a way to deal with stress positively, and carve out enough time in your day to complete your chosen skincare routine. By keeping your collection of Derma9 products with you wherever you go, you never have an excuse to skip a step or forgo your daily or nightly regimen.

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