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Is Makeup Bad for Your Skin?

July 12, 2016 | 1 comment

The short answer is, it depends — on what type of makeup you use, what’s in it and how you use it.

The EU has banned more than a thousand carcinogenic chemicals, including many found in cosmetics — while the U.S. has banned only nine. If you’re not using products made with natural ingredients, you can be sure some of those banned chemicals are present. Meanwhile, cosmetic scientists have become very good at making ingredients tiny so the particles can be absorbed more easily. The problem is that this means toxic ingredients, like lead, might pass through protective barriers, too — including your own skin. 

The solution? Use natural products. But be aware that the cosmetic industry is unregulated, so words like “organic” and “natural” aren’t reliable. Read labels carefully and make sure the ingredients are truly natural.

No matter which makeup or how much you use, make sure to remove it before you go to bed. Makeup clogs oil glands, enlarging pores. As you age and collagen levels decrease, your pores remain enlarged. If you’re prone to breakouts, be forewarned that makeup worn overnight invites more problems.

The bottom line? Wear cosmetic products made with natural ingredients whenever possible, remove makeup at night and feel free to go without makeup when you don’t need to wear it. You look better than you think you do. Trust us!

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1 comment

  • Miles Wells

    at 07:08:26 AM

    All these things may sound really scary, but that’s why we have natural beauty products, ones that are created from safe, non-toxic ingredients that are naturally occurring

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