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How Did Your Great Grandmother Take Care of Her Skin?

April 26, 2016 | 1 comment

An American woman in the 1920s and 30s might well have washed her face, morning and night, with the very popular Palmolive. A bar of the olive-oil-based soap would have cost her about ten cents. 

But maybe your grandmother’s mother had a more personal beauty regimen. Books on skincare from the time period all advocated “proper” cleansing, as did the manufacturers of Palmolive. But, they also had suggestions on how to correct dry or oily skin as well as protocols for bleaching skin.

Experts often recommended skincare products that used the same ingredients found in natural products today — sweet almond oil, rosewater and oatmeal. If your great grandmother had oily skin, she might have used a clay mask. Or, if she wanted her skin to look fresh and dewy, she prepared a cornmeal and buttermilk mask. 

Cold cream was the go-to product for makeup removal. One popular beauty treatment of the time was the ice massage. By rolling two ice cubes over her face twice a day, your great granny might have enjoyed bright, tight, glowing skin.

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1 comment

  • Rachel

    at 09:52:01 AM

    Rolling ice cubes over your face twice a day? LOL no way. Thank goodness for advancements in skin care!

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