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5 Tips for Glowing Winter Skin

January 20, 2016 | 1 comment

We’ve got five of the best tips for keeping skin happily hydrated during frosty months that tend to dry out your skin and hair. 

1. Sun sentinel.

Wind whisks the moisture off your skin while the winter sun’s damaging UV rays bounce off icy surfaces. So choose a natural moisturizer or sunscreen with at least SPF15. When you’re up at high altitudes, where sunlight is concentrated, bump up your SPF to a minimum of 30. 

2. Boost your moisturizer use.

Inside or out, your skin is going to get dry during winter. so try using natural moisturizers more frequently. Also, think about moving to a richer cream to really quench your skin’s thirst.

3. Mask it.

If you use clay masks, you may find your skin getting drier than usual. In winter, it’s time to select a moisturizing mask with soothing and conditioning actives for dry skin.

4. Cool your bath.

Long, hot baths and showers are super-relaxing, but they take a toll by pulling moisture out of your skin. If your skin’s pink when you get out of the bath, turn the hot water down a notch.

5. Lip service.

Everyone knows winter means chapped lips. So pick an all-natural lip balm with at least SPF 15 and use it.

Plus, here’s an extra tip when you’re at the office. Handling paper dries your hands, so keep some lotion on hand at your desk.

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1 comment

  • Shelly P.

    at 09:43:02 AM

    Whoops! I always take long, hot baths in the winter. No wonder my skin is so dry….

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