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A Guide to Your 3 Facial Zones

June 01, 2016 | 1 comment

Your face has three different zones that you can feel just by running a finger over your skin. The skin varies in thickness and texture around the cheeks, under the eyes and on the forehead, nose and chin. Not surprisingly, each of these zones need specially formulated care. Let’s take a look.


Where it is

The T-Zone, notorious for the density of its oil glands, is a common problem area consisting of the forehead, nose and chin.

What it needs

You need natural ingredients designed to minimize oil, mattify skin tone and clear clogged pores. Look for masks that contain clays such as bentonite and kaolin to aid in oil absorption. Ingredients such as Sodium PCA balance skin by drawing in moisture without adding oil.


Where it is

The S-Zone, consisting of the temples and cheeks, readily loses its moisture and glow. 

What it needs

Reach for natural ingredients that reduce the appearance of wrinkles by promoting skin elasticity. Natural oils and botanical extracts can help hydrate the skin and lock in moisture.

Eye Zone

Where it is

The Eye Zone, which consists of the thinnest skin, is located directly under the eyes and easily shows signs of fatigue and aging.

What it needs

Algae is a go-to skin treatment and recent breakthroughs have made harvesting this plant more sustainable. Use it to give this delicate area a youthful, radiant glow. Get a good boost of antioxidants, too, from natural actives such as acai. And try peptides to reduce puffiness for a more rested look.

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1 comment

  • Maria P.

    at 09:50:47 AM

    Love this mask! My T-Zone is the worst…good to know that there is a mask out there that caters to each zone of your face. At least some beauty companies won’t rip you off!

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